What is TurnitinUK?

TurnitinUK is an online service with a number of features which assist in the development of academic good practice and improvements in learning and assessment practice. One feature of particular use to us is the ‘Originality Check', whereby student written work can be matched against millions of worldwide, online sources such as web pages, online books and journals, and papers submitted by other students.  Turnitin also offers an e-submission and online marking facility.  See our Academic Honesty Policy, which includes our policy on the use of Turnitin.

How are we using TurnitinUK GradeMark for e-submission and online marking?

TurntinUK offers a facility for e-submission and online marking through Turnitin GradeMark.  We are using Turnitin GradeMark for a large range of courses that now use online submission of assignments. In some faculties you will find that the majority of their assessment are submitted online to Turnitin GradeMark. Students use their Turnitin accounts in the same way for both e-submission and text matching, however there are some regulatory and administrative differences in how each will work. One key example of this is that a student can upload their assignment for an Originality Report as many times as they wish - but when submitting for marking - the university regulations state that a student can only submit their work for assessment once.  For more information, please look at the wide selection of resources available on the Turnitin GradeMark support site. If you have a specifc question, you may find the answer on this helpful FAQ page.  

If you are a member of staff looking for further information, please also have a look at our E-Assessment support site.

How are we using the TurnitinUK text matching service?

Prior to their first written summative assessment, students may submit a formative written assignment (in any of the most common text document formats) to TurnitinUK. Usually within a few minutes, TurnitinUK will produce an ‘Originality Report' (OR), which clearly shows the extent to which passages in the student's work match with others on the Turnitin database. More information on how to do this is available in the Originality Checking section of our Turnitin GradeMark support site.

Students are encouraged to discuss the OR with their personal tutor to see where they may need to improve their academic practice. However, some caution is necessary in interpreting the reports since some degree of matching of text - for example, in references or quoted passages - should be expected. View the interpretation of TurnitinUK Originality Reports video. Students may also work through a quick online exercise to help them interpret their Originality Report.  Any evidence of poor academic practice in the Originality Reports for these formative assignments will not be viewed as assessment offences.

For further support, we have developed an online self-directed training VLE course for staff - Academic Honesty for Academics -  which addresses all aspects of our approach to tackling academic mis-conduct; practical aspects of using Turnitin and lists resources for use with students. 

Using the Check Originality Report class

Quick guide to e-submission

Viewing and Originality Report

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